Take our survey!

Do you find it easy to identify where people are from by the way that they speak?

Some people are better than others at this, but linguistic research shows that all of us tend to make very quick judgements about people by the way that they speak. We might judge someone to be friendly, or clever, simply because of the dialect that they use, and we tend to do this without thinking about it.

In addition to researching the history of Scilly’s dialect, we are also doing more general research on language attitudes. As there are always people coming and going on Scilly, it’s possible that islanders have developed judgements on language varieties which differ from those of mainlanders.

Want to take part in the survey?

The survey is on-line and takes about 20 minutes to complete. You’re asked to listen to 5 different dialects and (i) say what you think of them, and (ii) identify any language features that sound interesting to you. The survey is entirely anonymous (no-one will know who you are or what you answered). Anyone who lives in Britain can take part in it, irrespective of where they come from.

You can access the survey here: http://hrionline.ac.uk/voices/ptest. To take part in it you will need to enter the following details:

username: voices

password: voicesproject

Once you’ve taken part in the survey, please encourage others to also take part! But please don’t discuss your results with them, as this might influence their answers and invalidate our results.


6 thoughts on “Take our survey!

  1. Bob

    Very interesting! It would make the survey slightly easier to complete if the check boxes and radio buttons were changed slightly. You have to click exactly in the circle or box, but with the appropriate use of HTML you would be able to click on the text label next to the circle / box as well. (Such as happens on this leave-a-reply form with the check box at the bottom.)

    1. scillyvoices Post author

      Hi Bob. Thanks for the feedback – this is really helpful. Our developer is still working on the survey so I’ll pass your feedback to him 🙂

  2. scillyvoices Post author

    Hi Allison, Many thanks for your interest in the survey. We’re still collecting responses, so I can’t reveal the locations yet (for fear of skewing the sample!). I will post on here once we’ve got all the results in, though. Thanks!


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