The project team

Dr Emma Moore is the principal investigator on the project. Emma is a sociolinguist working at the University of Sheffield. Her job involves teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students about language and linguistics, and researching patterns of language variation and change. Emma is particularly interested in how language is used by people to reflect their membership of communities or social groups. Visit Emma’s homepage here: Emma has been visiting Scilly since she was born and she worked several seasons there in the 1990s, before studying dragged her away.

Dr Paul Carter is a research collaborator on the project. Paul is a phonetician also working at the University of Sheffield. Paul’s job involves investigating sound patterns in speech.

The project is supported by the Isles of Scilly Museum, and has been making use of their Oral History Archive. Learn about the archive here:

Several islanders have helped with collecting interviews for us. Special thanks must go to Tracy Smith, Valerie Thomas, and Lydia Birch.

This project has been made possible by funding from the AHRC. This pays for the research time of the project team, recording and transcription services, and research trips to collect data and distribute findings.


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